How long is the handling time and why this amount of time?

Handling time is a max of 3 days (72 hours) due to the fact that both of us still carry other jobs and are unable to make it to our shop to ship out.


My decor on the sides looks a little odd.

As candles cool, they start to shrink and can pull away from the inner glass. We can control this while making a candle but have no control over the rewarming and cooling while shipping although our packaging adds some insulation. This is normal and expected.


How do I fix this wax separation?

Burning the candle will allow the top wax to reform in the sides again. Also keeping it in a warmer room would allow the candle to flow back to normal.


What type of wax is in the candles?

Most of our candles have an All-Natural Soy wax blend within them. Here is a link to our supplier's factsheet on the wax, Soy Blend Factsheet. Due to our supplier's demand and stock during this time, Cactus Flower and Soft Cedar uses a Soy/Veggie blend with paraffin added, Soy/Veggie Factsheet. We do not plan on using this wax for all our candles and will keep the product page updated with what wax is in each candle.


How long is the burn time and why so general?

Burn time, as recommended on any candle, will be 4 hours max. We have chosen a wick that burns hot enough to give the candle a good layer of melted wax by this time. Based off our tests of 4 hours on with one hour cool time we have had a candle last a total of 40+ burn time. We have suggested 30+ as it is up to you how you burn your candle.


How do I care for my candle?

Trim those wicks! We admit it, we did not trim wicks at all when we burned candles before. Once we started to make them that changed. Trimming a wick to 1/4th of an inch every time before use is important! This prevents overheating and larges amounts of soot from building up on the wick.


This decor looks unsafe.

All the decor pieces are pre-soaked in an eco-friendly and non-toxic fire retardant before being put into the candle. We have tested this and the decor does not catch flame but instead turns black and goes out. This of course is resistant to fire so as with any candle, keep it in a visible area to you and try to stay within in burn times. Also, Trim. Those. Wicks! (Wheel of Fortune music plays). 


My decor is falling off the sides and sinking to the bottom.

This is expected as our adhesive is not meant to withstand the heat from the flame. Decor is fire-resistant and if below the wax pool, will be ok to still burn. If you see a piece floating, you can pick it out.


Why trim wicks?

It's all in the science! Short answer is the more soot that builds on the top, the more likely it is to overheat and for the fragrance through to be clouded over by the smell.

The long answer is that when a flame is lit, what keeps the candle going is of course the wax; the flame is vaporizing the wax and fragrance into the area. Once the wax level has dropped, more wick is used to and the flame grows hotter. Once the wick has more carbon build up, soot, on top of it, the scent will be more smoking than anything as now the wax and the large amount of wick is burning and vaporizing.

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