Welcoming WalStreet

Our Story

In the beginning, Tim and I both had the same obsession with candles. For the first few months of dating, most of our nights would end in a visit to a nearby HomeGoods or Target to smell candles. We would leave the store with a bag full every time. This quickly turned into Tim making candles for Valentine's Day and then us making candles for friends and family for Christmas.

From making our own candles, we noticed that there was a gap between the look and the fragrance strength of the ones we owned: Either the candle had a great fragrance but it looked too bland or it the presentation of the jar was amazing but the scent could barely fill a room.

Our candles aim to fill in this void.

Our brand works to cultivate modern scents that bring familiarity while also hand decorating each candle to give uniqueness and visual enhancement — setting itself apart as its own home decor staple. 

At the core, we want to be active supporters in the LGBTQ+ community who spread peace and awareness. With this in mind, we have pledged to donate at least five percent of our annual profit to The Trevor Project. 

We are incredibly excited to see where WalStreet Candles is headed and excited to have you part of it!

- Jared, Co-Owner

Past to Present

Our Timeline

From 2019 to now, our candles have come a long way